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Commercial Epoxy Floor

OT Epoxy Floors is a Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractor & Expert | Wide Variety of Finished & Prices | Certified Technicians | High Quality | Lifetime Warranty | Licensed, Insured​ & Bonded

If you are looking for a ver good way to improve the functionality of a commercial location, epoxy flooring is the best option for you. In addition to being tough and durable solutions.

Epoxy offers one of the strongest coating available for concrete surfaces; it resists abuse from industrial and commercial applications. Epoxy floors can add to the professional look of any space.

We are in the California Bay area, in counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Sonoma, Napa y Marin. With offices at Santa Clara y San Rafael.

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Epoxy flooring is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and it is used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial locations due to the wide range of benefits these impressive floors provide.

Epoxy floors is resistance to bacteria and germs. Using epoxy floors wherever cleanliness is critical is a popular application because the floors sanitize easily. We have epoxy solutions, USDA approved.

Epoxy flooring are an ideal option for places where cleanliness is critical and can add to the professional look of any space. 

Epoxy flooring has a reflective surface that can help stores look more attractive to buyers. By making your storefront look brighter and happier, you’ll encourage more people to buy items from your business.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Uses

Commercial Facilities | Factories | Industrial Facilities | Pharmaceutical Facilities

We are one of largest epoxy floor coating company in this area and have made hundreds of commerical epoxy  floors with zero failures and we have an excellent rating on YELP.  We install epoxy floors for residential, commercial clients and industrial spaces. Give us a call today and experience the best service.​​

  • Restrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Stores

  • Offices

  • Workshop

  • Bath Rooms

  • Green House

  • Pharmaceutical Facilities

  • Laboratory Rooms

  • Beverage processing

  • Food Packaging Rooms

  • Garage service bays

  • Air Plane Hangers

  • Hospitals

  • Health Care Centers

  • Heavy-duty Manufacturing Areas

  • Light Duty Manufacturing Areas

  • Storage Rooms

  • Logistics Center

  • Shipping & Receiving Areas

  • Aerospace Factories

Epoxy Floor Finishes 

  • Flake Epoxy Flooring: it's the one of the most popular finishes we have. It has a modern look and robust coating system. Specially designed to enhance the aesthetic of your garage area

  • Metallic Epoxy Floor: is a special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system that use metallic additive mixed into a clear epoxy resins to create exotic effects. This metallic additive continues to move through the epoxy creating the lava flow or pearlescent design.

  • Solid Color Epoxy Floor: traditional finish of a epoxy floor. It is one solid color to all area, and give all advantage of a epoxy floor. we have a wide color options for you

  • Polished Concrete: take advantage of your concrete floor give it a special shine

  • Sealed Concrete: extend the Life of you Concrete while adding a beautiful glossy or matte sealer transparent coat

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