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Sealed Concrete

Sealed Concrete proccess Extend the Life of you Concrete while adding a beautiful glossy or matte Sealer coat, that will not only add  great looks but will also make it easy to clean and resistant to stains. Dull dusty looking concrete is never a great look. If you think your concrete is already strong, wait until we rejuvenate your space with this finish.

OT Epoxy Floors is a Sealed Concrete Expert | Certified Technicians | High Quality | Lifetime Warranty | Licensed, Insured & Bonded​

We are in the California Bay area, in counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Sonoma, Napa y Marin. With offices at Santa Clara y San Rafael.

We are one of largest Epoxy Floor coating company in this area including Grind and Seal process. We install epoxy floors for residential, commercial clients and industrial spaces. Give us a call today and experience the best service.

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¿What is sealed concrete?

Know as Grind and Seal,. It is process that involves grinding your concrete slab and sealing with a sealing agent to seal and protect the concrete floor surface. We use water or solvent based epoxy sealer. Grinding and sealing techniques is just what is says, it grinds and then seals the flooring by means of a protective coating.

The concrete grind and seal process removes the top of a concrete floor, leaving a surface that looks bright and new. This procedure is extraordinarily cost-effective. 

Grind and seal Process

  • Grinding the concrete with concrete floor grinders to remove any contaminants from the existing concrete slab

  • Patch cracks and holes in the floor with special patching material

  • Clean the surface

  • (Optional) Add stain color to the grind concrete. Yo can choose a wide variety of colors, from neutral, earth tones to colorful concrete dyes.

  • Seal concrete floor with topical epoxy sealer. Depending on your floor goals, requirements, we will recommend the best type of sealer for your project.

Sealed Concrete Advantages

  • Floors are More Durable: the sealer is a protective layer coating then there is less chance for water, bacteria, and other material penetration. 

  • Reasonable Cost: the installation costs are actually very minimal, the project are also not expensive.

  • Flooring Is Prone to Less Abrasions: concrete flooring which has grind and sealed do not easily get unsightly marks and streaks. They also become prone to less abrasions from vehicle or foot traffic

  • Low Maintenance: the grind and seal concrete flooring requires less maintenance. There’s no need to use floor cleaners or floor polishes to keep the flooring in good condition.

  • Non Porous and Resistant to Stain: The sealer acts as a barrier to nasty spills. No matter what falls onto the top of the floor, it is not absorbed because of the sealing agent that has been applied beforehand.

  • More Sanitary: the grinding and sealing process takes away impurities, and then it eventually seals the floor, this means harmful bacteria, germs, and parasites will no longer breed on top of the concrete.

  • Improves Condition of Old Floors: grind and seal process will help improve the condition of the old flooring. After sealed the concrete floor looks like new

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